The Best Flooring For Each Room In Your Home?


Article by Mo Gaffar

When choosing the right flooring there are many factors that come into play, this floor needs to fit your style but also be practical, this is a rundown of a few types of flooring and what rooms they work best in.

Stone Floor

Stone flooring has been used in homes for centuries and looks great in both modern and contemporary homes. This sort of material is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and hallways due to it being strong but also easy to clean and maintain. These areas of the home are prone to dirt, water and heavy things falling onto the floor.

Porcelain tiles

These are usually cheaper than stone but more expensive than ceramic and are designed to be low maintenance, cost-wise, resistant while coming in a variety of styles making them perfect for kitchens and hallways. This material is also extremely moisture-resistant making it ideal for areas that get damp like a bathroom.

grand hallway

Ceramic tiles

These are a lighter and cheaper option to stone as it was designed to look like it. These tiles are similar to porcelain since the glazed layer makes them impervious to water damage and stains, this is often used in bathrooms but are great in kitchens and hallways too. 

Wooden floor

Wood is a well-used material that is great for all areas of the home, creating an elegant look for both traditional and modern homes. This can also look really great with a rug on top so you have carpet and wood at the same time. This material is strong and low maintenance while also adding value to your house.

Lino and Vinyl

These two materials used to just be ugly flimsy materials to cover your floor. Now, these are materials that are extremely water-resistant and easy to maintain. Vinyl is especially good at mimicking wood and stone making it a cost-effective alternative. Due to its amazing design, it can work great in bedrooms and kitchens as well as being great for bathrooms due to its water-resistant properties.

kitchen flooring

Luxury vinyl tiles

Instead of one big roll, these come in single tiles or planks. This is a warm alternative to wood or stone and can look very realistic too. As well as this it is extremely durable with little-to-no maintenance. This kind of flooring can work wherever you like but is often used in the bathroom and bedroom.


This is a very popular option for areas of the home you associate with warmth and cosiness like the living room or bedroom but not limited to them, although it recommended to keep them out of the kitchen and bathroom and you don’t want them getting wet or stained by food.  

bedroom flooring

Polished concrete and resin

This is an unusual option that is used in contemporary homes with an industrial feel, most commonly in the kitchen. This material is extremely hard wearing and will last for decades with no replacements. This material is also waterproof so is good for bathrooms but needs to be poured on by a specialist company.


This is a renewable material that is made from rubber trees and can last up to 20 years. This material is extremely water and sound resistant and looks great in contemporary homes. This can be a great choice for kids bedrooms as it is low maintenance and easy to clean but also great in bathrooms since is water-resistant. 

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